All rooms are decorated in a different way but with the nature from Mallorca, both in the furniture and the material used traditionally. The floors are made of fired clay, you can observe high ceilings with thick timber beams and thickness stone walls. All rooms have a warm living room and a private balcony. You can find white walls with furniture of fine woods, wrought ironed pieces and spectacular paintings in all sizes, as well as some decorative pieces. The curtains and drapers are made of thin materials and soft colours with some touch colour, what contribute to have a special brightening in the room. All Suites are faced so that you can see the sunrise and sunset through the different large windows.

Deluxe Suites (max. 4 Persons)

      • Suite Columna
      • Master Suite

Suites (max. 3 Persons)

      • Suite Arcos
      • Suite Terraza
      • Suite Terraza

Double Rooms (max. 2 Persons)

      • Double Terrace
      • Double Pool View
      • Double Superior
      • Double Room