Healthy food

At Agroturismo Son Fogueró we are committed to the concept of conscious eating, focusing on holistic health of body, mind and spirit.

We offer healthy and delicious menus, using local, ecological and highly nutritional products.

Everything is homemade in Son Fogueró. The idea is to give our customers a sensory appreciation of our food, savoring and contemplating food that not only serves to satisfy the sense of taste, but can be seen that it was made with love.

Why are we interested in offering a diet without sugar, dairy or gluten?

So that people who want to do a RESET-DETOX and spend a few days in contact with nature, in an exquisite environment of great beauty, can pamper their body, mind and spirit. Our body is our castle, and it deserves to be taken care of, with healthy and delicious food. The experience of a few conscious days, breathing fresh air, feeling the beauty and tranquility of a place full of art, with Mediterranean gardens that never cease to amaze you around every corner, accompanied by healthy, nutritional and flavoursome meals, turns the stay in Son Fogueró into an experience full of LOVE for the body and soul.

Giving yourself a few days in Son Fogueró is like sowing a seed of conscious love in your life.


Doble Deluxe


The 30m2 Deluxe Double rooms is equipped with a comfortable double bed. This spacious rooms has incredible natural light and warmth, and beautiful views of the countryside. It  also has private 15m2 terrace, so you can enjoy the Mediterranean breeze in a unique environment.
– 30m2
– Double bed
– Bathroom 4/7m2 (shower, towels)
– Terrace 15m2
– Ground floor
– Field views
– Air-conditioning